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Revolutionizing Professional Expertise and Utility Inspections: Anica's Integrated Approach


Anica proudly collaborates with a leading utility provider, servicing over 23 million customers across Southern California. This utility giant, known for its commitment to innovation and safety, faces the monumental task of ensuring the integrity of its electrical assets while enhancing the productivity of its workforce.

Problem to be Solved

The utility industry is no stranger to the complexities of managing vast infrastructures and the critical need for precise, efficient operations. The provider grappled with two primary challenges:
Digital Transformation in Operations: The utility sector’s rapid evolution highlighted a critical gap in the provider’s operations— the need for digital transformation. The reliance on outdated, non-digitized processes limited their ability to effectively manage assets, data, and professional expertise, making the transition to digital solutions a necessity.
GO95 Compliance Inspections: Rigorous regulatory standards demand meticulous inspections of overhead and underground electrical assets. The manual, labor-intensive processes previously employed were prone to errors, resulting in increased risks and potential non-compliance penalties.


Anica’s strategic and innovative approach utilized its Digital Twin AI Platform to develop a customized GO95 inspection tool, directly addressing the critical need for digital transformation and compliance with regulatory standards.

Business Outcomes

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