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Empowering Utilities for 15 Years — And We're Just Getting Started

For over a decade and a half, Anica has stood at the forefront of technological innovation, designing software solutions that have become the backbone of Southern California’s utility sector. Our journey began with a simple yet profound belief: technology should not only work but work wonders, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in utility management and services.
For more than fifteen years, Anica has been a beacon of innovation, crafting software solutions that revolutionize the utility sector in Southern California. Our ethos is grounded in the conviction that technology should transcend mere functionality—it should empower the end users, transforming their experience and expanding the realm of possibilities in utility management and services.

Generative AI: Transforming How Utilities Operate

Generative AI isn’t just a new tool in our arsenal — it’s a paradigm shift in how we think about utility software. With the power to analyze vast datasets, predict outcomes with unprecedented accuracy, and generate innovative solutions to complex challenges, Generative AI is set to redefine the standards of efficiency, sustainability, and customer service in the utility industry.
At Anica, our AI services are not just about technology; they’re about creating partnerships to forge the future. Our skilled engineering team leverages the unique capabilities of Generative AI, crafting innovative solutions that address today’s utility challenges. Join us in exploring how AI can transform efficiency, sustainability, and customer experiences in the utility sector.

Join Us on the Journey to AI-Powered Excellence

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we invite our utility partners to join us. Discover how Anica’s AI solutions can empower your operations, drive innovation, and create a sustainable future for the communities you serve. Together, we can achieve more than just operational efficiency; we can spark a revolution in utility services that will echo for generations to come.

Where 3Ps (Patients, Providers and Payers) finally agree to improve quality of life

The Chronic care management and remote patient monitoring product suite gives patients the power to take control of their healthcare needs and improve their quality of life. They can improve their knowledge about the impact of chronic conditions, preventing expensive procedures and emergency room visits. This not only benefits patients but also reduces the time physicians spend on patient education, resulting in improved patient outcomes and superior care coordination.

Your Trusted Partner in Innovation

At Anica, we’re more than software developers; we’re innovators, thinkers, and partners dedicated to advancing the utility sector. With 15 years of proven success and a vision for the future, we’re ready to take the next step. Are you?

Designed for the Realities of Utility Providers

We understand that the transition to AI-powered solutions can seem daunting. That’s why our approach to Generative AI is grounded in the realities of utility operations. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows, enhancing rather than replacing the systems you trust. They’re adaptable, scalable, and built with the robustness that utility providers require.

Our Services

Anica Inc focuses primarily on product engineering, emphasizing a comprehensive view of excellent user experiences and outcomes. We transitioned to a product mindset from the mindset of a project execution decades ago to differentiate ourselves from IT services companies in the marketplace. We assemble the best digital engineering, design, and product development talent to create software that remains at the forefront of people’s minds. We are more than just another IT services provider that provides personnel without taking accountability for their work. Rather, we make an effort to understand our client’s issues to take ownership of the issue and become part of their team in order to provide tailored service. Our philosophy is straightforward: we are collaborators on a project. We apply ourselves diligently without losing sight of our goals, making sure to commemorate each milestone, regardless of its size or significance.
Anica Inc offers a comprehensive SAP/Oracle portfolio of consulting, implementation, and application management services to organizations seeking to accelerate their digital journey. Our employees possess specialized skills in AWS/Azure cloud and native mobile computing.

Information Technology

Software application design and development, it’s cloud based solutions in the area of enterprise asset management, realty and health care are successfully deployed at fortune 500 companies.

Energy Infrastructure

Anica Inc innovates at the nexus of energy and technology. We develop robust infrastructure solutions that power, protect, and modernize the grid. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to leverage renewable resources, ensuring a resilient and environmentally friendly energy future.

AI Solutions

Our cutting-edge AI Solutions transform data into strategic insights, driving efficiency and innovation across sectors. From predictive maintenance in energy networks to intelligent asset management, Anica Inc delivers AI-powered analytics that revolutionize operational capabilities and decision-making.

Real Estate

Anica Inc redefines real estate with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet every need. From residential to commercial properties, multifamily units, and innovative cloud funding solutions, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the real estate market. Discover the Anica advantage and elevate your real estate journey today.

Expertise That Understands Your Needs

Our team of AI experts brings together the best of both worlds: deep technical prowess in AI and a nuanced understanding of the utility sector. This unique blend ensures that our solutions are not just technologically advanced but also tailored to meet the specific challenges and opportunities of utility providers.
Expertise that truly comprehends your needs is invaluable. It means having professionals who not only possess the necessary skills and knowledge but also take the time to understand your objectives, challenges, and constraints. This level of understanding enables them to tailor their approach, recommendations, and solutions precisely to your requirements. Whether it’s designing a product, providing a service, or offering advice, this expertise ensures that every aspect is fine-tuned to meet your expectations and deliver the results you seek.

Contract management as transparent as Blue sky

If you’re looking for a way to focus on process innovation and optimize costs, a fully managed secure cloud-based serverless application suite is a great option. The application suite helps business partners execute contracts successfully with a 360 view of contract management. It integrates multiple contract management layers into a well-orchestrated workflow process.

Meet the Team

Chandra Matha
Chandra Matha
Chief Product/AI Officer
Chandra Matha, Anica’s Chief Product/AI Officer, brings over 30 years of experience across IT and leadership...
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Naval Bhardwaj
Naval Bhardwaj
Product Manager
Naval stands at the forefront of Anica's client engagement strategy as our Product Manager...
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Christina Harper
Christina Harper
Manager, Validation
Christina Harper leads the validation team at Anica with unmatched expertise and dedication...
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Connor  Abrams
Connor Abrams
Marketing Consultant
Connor’s expertise spans notable engagements with prominent brands such as Bud Light, Kelley Blue Book, and Warner Brothers..
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